About Interim Management

Previously, it often combined the Interim Management with management of crisis, the need to cope with a sudden growth, replace temporarily a senior or to undertake a restructuring.

Today, the concept is applied much more broadly. The Interim Management has become a positive and strategic decision.

Interim Management is aimed at all organizations which immediately need a highly qualified and experienced Manager for a temporary mission.

Interim Management is a suitable instrument for publicly or privatly-owned enterprise operating in the commercial sector or in the non-profit sector.


The main features of the Interim Management :

  • independent and quickly operational expertise
  • just for the necessary time
  • an approach tailored to the needs of the mission
  • a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical achievements
  • an immersion in daily practice
  • an intervention based on an objective approach
  • a new, inspiring, creative look on the challenges facing your company
  • a formula where the Interim manager transfers skills, knowledge and know-how
  • an approach-oriented solutions


CTM Square  can assist you in a wide variety of CTM business activities, for  instance …

  • bridging gaps in management skill and resource (covering sudden departure, coaching a team, training a future top manager, reinforcing the new direction of the company, …)
  • coaching the management (by managing a change programme, implementing a new strategy, developing a new organizational plan, …)
  • developing and implementing strategies of change or transition
  • supporting the change process
  • accomplishing missions based on specific knowledge (analysis and expertise)
  • taking over the reorganization of a section, a department or a business unit
  • replacing temporarily a senior, a member of the Executive Committee, the CEO...
  • organizing the restructuring or closure of businesses
  • being a partner in acquisition or integration of recently repurchased enterprises
  • supporting your company in regional, national or international business expansion
  • coaching start-up
  • dealing with crisis (crisis management)
  • ...

What about the costs ?

Against all odds, resort to the CT management costs usually not more than the salary which should be granted to a management profile with a permanent contract.

Furthermore, the CT manager is immediately operational contrary to the start-up period of a new recruit.