CTM Square  proposes 2 membership levels : basic or associate member

Basic members are prospective CT managers who have access to our extranet portal and can enter and regularly update their CV. If the CV reviewed by a CTM Square  partner is successful, the potential member will be invited for a personal interview. 

Associate membership is reserved to CT managers with an experience of at least 3 successful assignments totalising 18 months minimum. For a yearly membership fee, they have access to the following services :

  • Full access to our extranet portal
  • Be informed by e-mail of all CTM Square  project opportunities
  • Be entitled to a lead fee when they enter an assignment lead into the CTM Square and assignment starts
  • Get access to CTM Square  profit-sharing


Becoming CT manager at CTM Square 

Do you

  • Appreciate the flexibility that a CT manager career can offer you?
  • Accept the idea of working independently and starting a new project every six months?
  • Prefer variety in your work?
  • Offer expertise in your field of activity?
  • Have a really good CV with an excellent track record of achievement?
  • Have the skills to quickly assess what’s going on in a totally new environment?
  • Have good networking and outstanding social skills?
  • Consider CT management as a career opportunity and choice?


If you answered YES to all of the above and you would like to join the network of skilled and enthusiastic professionals of CTM Square  and to take advantage of our global approach and methodology, please send your CV as a word document attached to an e-mail to